A network of health care institutions that support and conduct clinical research in the Slovak Republic.


Only in Slovak.

Functional units of project management

SLOVACRIN aims to support the establishment of functional clinical trials project management units in healthcare facilities with accessibility for Slovak academic departments and investigators. Thus creating a quality system of technical standards for the conduct of clinical trials in clinical trials units.

Clinical Trial Units (CTUs) are characterised as special units of biomedical research that help with the design and coordination of clinical trials. It is a specialist unit that is integrated into the organisational structure of the hospital and includes experts in the field who are both knowledgeable about the internal processes of the hospital and the processes of clinical research. The individual departments are linked into a national network and this network is centrally coordinated by a national scientific partner.

The Clinical Trial Unit is a unique contact point for sponsors as well as other potential partners, creates a transparent environment and sets even internal rules for the conduct of clinical trials, which significantly streamlines the whole process. It also provides support for the staff of healthcare institutions in their various biomedical research activities.

SLOVACRIN, in cooperation with the institutions involved in the national network, is preparing a Roadmap for Academic Clinical Research. This document presents a comprehensive description of the current state of clinical research in healthcare institutions. It also maps the implementation of the Order No. 4/2018 of the Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic, by which the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic instructed subordinate health care institutions conducting biomedical research to establish specialised organisational units for biomedical research and to integrate them into their organisational structure.